How and why we developed Artizan Training
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Bassetts Manor
Butcherfield Lane
East Sussex

For many years we have specialised in repairing
industrial and domestic sewing machines.

Then we noticed that the industry had a major problem: there was distinct lack of sewing machine engineers.
So we found ourselves being asked more and more by various companies and individuals to provide technical support.
To help alleviate some of this problem we set about by writing our own technical manuals for industrial sewing machines.
We know also produce a range of manuals for domestic sewing machines.

It became more apparent that more action was needed to be taken to resolve this growing problem within
the sewing machine industry. The current age range of most sewing machine mechanics is in
most cases near retirement age or past. Therefore we put plans into place to set up our Training Centre
that is based in Hartfield east Sussex.

As time has gone on our range of courses has grown considerable. We offer a diverse selection of courses
from Basic General knowledge right up to Mechanics Level.

Day courses will show the home sewer how to fix and trouble shoot, general day to day problems
that can happen on a daily basis in the sewing room. Where as one of our five day courses will set you
on the first step to becoming a mechanic for the domestic or industrial sector of the sewing machine industry.

Our Engineers and Instructors have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to pass on.
Our teaching methods are both informative and relaxed, with  our EASY as 123 and our own KIS system.
Therefore we feel that your learning  experience, with us will be enjoyable, practical and informative.

Upon successful completion of one of our courses, you will be given a certificate of competence
for the knowledge level you have attained.
Once you have completed your course we are always happy to help, with technical support afterwards
and hope you will join us again soon for more training to continue improving your knowledge.

Not only do, our team provide professional
they are also pleased to provide you with TECHNICAL ADVICE
about threads, needles and sewing machines best suited to your manufacturing  or sewing application.