About Artizan Training

The Artizan Training Story

Find out about Artizan Training by taking a look at our story. We have decades of experience in the textiles and manufacturing industry and have been repairing industrial and domestic sewing machines throughout. 

Latterly we have been successful in delivering sewing machine mechanic courses as well as teaching factory personel,artisans and hobbyists how to get the most out of their sewing machines with our sewing machine repair and maintenance classes

With years of experience in the sewing industry and an increasing demand for technical support we noticed there was a lack of qualified sewing machine engineers available.

We started small, by developing technical manuals for the industrial sector which later grew into a library of books and troubleshooting guides for the domestic sector too.

However the problem of the shortfall in engineers still remained. This was when we decided to start our own sewing machine training centre in Hartfield, England.

Artizan Training has proven to be a great success thanks to our partnerships in the industrial and commercial sectors. Our domestic clients are fantastic too and we have really enjoyed watching them grow.

We now have a dedicated team of engineers and instructors who offer the highest standards in sewing machine repair training courses across the globe. Our online courses now get downloaded right across the world too!

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We have a number of instructors at Artizan Training but the best people to contact about our courses are listed below. 


Senior Engineer

Alan is the owner of Artizan Training has been repairing sewing and selling industrial and domestic machines for over 50 years. In that time, he has trained and supported mechanics and technicians across the leather,tarpulin,webbing and textiles  manufacturing industry Worldwide.


Course Co-ordinator

Karen is a keen artisan with a love for creative textiles. She runs hew own threads store and has a wealth of knowledge of sewing machines, including repair and maintenance. 

Extraordinary Experiences

Since its inception, the staff at Artizan Training have had a number of experiences that make great stories.

We’ve worked with schools and colleges, hobbyists, large manufacturing companies in the textiles industry such as Dreams or Hand and Lock  If you want to ask us anything about what we have been involved in, please get in touch with us today!

Our Core Values

We are so passionate about watching our students learn and progress through their training. It’s why we enjoy what we do so much and it’s our main motivator.