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Some of our sewing machine repair courses are now available for download. 

Please choose either domestic or industrial versions below.


Our e-courses are designed to ensure you can diagnose, repair and maintain your own machine or fix an array of sewing machine professionally. We’ll test and certify you once you’ve completed the course. 

Industrial E-courses

Our online sewing machine repair courses are perfect for technicians and mechanics. You’ll receive on-going support and when you complete the course, we’ll certify you.

Domestic E-courses

You’ll save time and money by being able to repair and service your sewing machine from home. You could even start your own repair business.

E-Course Information

There has never been a better time to learn how to repair, service and maintain your sewing machine from home. Inspections and repairs can be expensive so why not learn how to repair sewing machines by yourself. Our certified instructors are on hand to help if you need it! 


Contact one of our instructors via email, zoom or phone call and get world class support throughout your e-course.

Internet Connection

You only need to download the course once. You’ll then be able to complete the course offline in your time.


Start with the basics at level 1 and work your way up to a mechanical level 4. Complete our tests and get certified.

FAQs - Ask a Question

You require no prior knowledge of sewing machines. The course provides a hands on approach and you’ll learn how to diagnose, repair and maintain many types of sewing machines. Support is available should you need it.

A link is sent directly to the email you used to pay for the sewing machine repair course.

It’s really simple. After downloading the link, you’ll have access to the course files and a welcome letter that gives you all the information you need to start your course. 

Yes, once you have downloaded the files you can work from your PC or tablet without an internet connection. 

We’re confident you won’t require assistance with our courses. However, you may contact us 24/7 and we’ll aim to respond within one working day.

You will never be refused help but there is a limit to how many times we can be contacted. We will let you know once you’re approaching that limit and suggest you may need to go over the information again.

Yes, in order to get certified there is an exam at the end of each level of any course you choose. If your course is Level 2, there are two exams.

Yes, you can retake your exams up to two times. You will never be tested on a subject you have not covered on the course. 

Our courses are in depth and thorough. With part time study the courses should take no longer than four weeks to complete. If you are struggling we will help you across the finish line. 

All trainees are entitled to support for a month after certification. We can provide you with written support or help via video chat. If you require long term support then please contact us to discuss our subscriptions plans.

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