Domestic Overlocker | TEC 1 | Two Days

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Enjoy a 2 Day Course at our Sewing Machine Repair Training School in Edenbridge with qualified training instructors. You will in the two days get to understand the basic workings of a domestic overlocker sewing machine and receive a certificate of competence upon completion.

You’ll get hints & tips and learn how to:

  • Troubleshoot sewing machine issues
  • Maintain your overlocker sewing machine

This is a two day course. Please select your start date (in green) below. Please note: Our next available course can be up to a year in advance so please use the arrows to scroll through the months.

Pay a deposit of £75.00 per item

The Domestic Overlocker TEC 1 course has been designed for Teachers, Technicians and hobbist.

This course will give you a brief insight and a basic understand of the workings of a Domestic Overlocker. As many of you appreciate these machines can sometimes be difficult, so we aim to give you some inside knowledge to make using them as easy as 123. With hints and tips to keep them in good working order.


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