Sewing Machine Repair Books


Our sewing machine repair books are perfect for troubleshooting common issues.


Learn how to diagnose mechanical issues with your sewing machines and find the cause of the problem.


Keep your sewing machines running smoothly long term


The go to place for repairing a variety of sewing machines with a dedicated book, guide or manual.

We’re adding more in 2021 so come back soon!


“I received this just last week and am really relishing it! Thank you”

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Sewing Machine Repair books and guides

We have been writing sewing machine repair books, guides and manuals for many years. You can find the whole list here but we are starting to add them to our new site. Please see our latest editions below and be sure to come back and check when more have been added.

Artizan Training Book - U fix domestic sewing machines

Usual Price £44.95
PROMO CODE - UFIX10 (£10 off)


Hot off the press is our brand new edition of our U FIX It BOOK. This time it has been wire bound for easy use in the workshop. In other words the pages can be turned back on them self so you read and fix the machine at the same time. Special offer price for August only £34.95. Including p&p (UK only). A saving of £10. PROMO CODE – UFIX10

The new book from Artizan Training provides the most comprehensive guide to understanding and maintaining your lockstitch sewing machine. You’ll learn to understand the inner workings and be able to diagnose faults and perform adjustments with ease. Keep your sewing machine running smoothly with our Domestic Lockstitch “U-Fix it Book” – Sewing Machine Repairs. 

This comprehensive 200 page manual has been written by two qualified engineers with a wealth of experience in the sewing machine repair and servicing industry.

Who is this book for?

This book is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It’s a must have guide for home sewers who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of their sewing machines. The more experienced sewers or mechanical technicians can use this book as a detailed resource to troubleshoot and fix sewing machines on the go. We are sure it will be one of the most valuable tools in your repair kit.

Domestic Lockstitch
(TL & FL) E-learning Course + Repair Book

Artizan Training sewing machine repair book deal

Only £239

Alan Williams

Author and training Instructor

A sewing machine mechanic with 40+ years experience. Alan now trains the technicians of the future and writes about his life experience with sewing machines. 

Ian McCrudden

Author and engineer

Ian has been an Aeronautics engineer for 40+ years with a wealth of technical skills.

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