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Sewing Machine Repair books and guides

We have been writing sewing machine repair books, guides and manuals for many years. You can find the whole list here but we are starting to add them to our new site. Please see our latest editions below and be sure to come back and check when more have been added.



The new book from Artizan Training provides the most comprehensive guide to understanding and maintaining your lockstitch sewing machine. You’ll learn to understand the inner workings and be able to diagnose faults and perform adjustments with ease. Keep your sewing machine running smoothly with our Domestic Lockstitch “U-Fix it Book” – Sewing Machine Repairs. 


This comprehensive 200 page hardback manual has been written by two qualified engineers with a wealth of experience in the sewing machine repair and servicing industry.


Who is it for?

This book is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It’s a must have guide for home sewers who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of their sewing machines. The more experienced sewers or mechanical technicians can use this book as a detailed resource to troubleshoot and fix sewing machines on the go. We are sure it will be one of the most valuable tools in your repair kit.





Meet the Authors

Our latest sewing machine repair book has been written by two engineers with over 85 years combined mechanical experience.  As a result, the authors of the book have structured the content to help you easily navigate through it and understand the basic features of your sewing machine. 

As you progress through the chapters, you’ll learn more about your machines operation and gain the essential knowledge to service and repair your machines with confidence.

Alan Williams

Author and training Instructor

A sewing machine mechanic with 40+ years experience. Alan now trains the technicians of the future and writes about his life experience with sewing machines. 

Ian McCrudden

Author and engineer

Ian has been an engineer for 40+ years and has now retrained to service sewing machines.

Table of Contents

Page PReview


2Health and Safety



2.3Use your Manual

2.4Safety First

3Basic history of the sewing machine

4Sewing Machine fundamentals


4.2External Parts

4.3Internal Parts of a Front Load Bobbin machine

4.4Internal Parts of a Top load Bobbin machine

4.5Key features and parts

4.6Presser foot adjuster

4.7The Sewing Needle

4.8How a Lockstitch is formed


4.10Removing a bobbin

4.11Winding a bobbin

4.12Upper Threading

4.13Bobbin Threading

4.14Drawing the thread through the needle plate

4.15Setting Needle Tension

4.16Setting the Bobbin Tension

4.17Checking the thread Check spring setting

4.18The Left-hand upper face plate

4.19Types of Hooks and Shuttles

5Trouble shooting guide to common problems


5.2Owners’ User Manual

5.3Tips for avoiding sewing problems

5.4Trouble Shooting and Fault Diagnosis

6Checks and Adjustments



6.3How to remove the front and rear covers

6.4Check and reset Shuttle or hook timing

6.5Check and adjusting the Needle Bar height

6.6Check and adjusting the Feed height

6.7Check and adjusting Feed lateral setting

6.8Check and adjust Presser foot height and alignment

6.9Re-calibrate upper tension

6.10Check and adjust Needle Bar forward/aft alignment

6.11Check the Zig Zag setting and adjusting the needle bar

6.12Check and adjusting the Needle swing

6.13Check and adjust Needle Bar, Take up level and feed settings

6.14Remove and re-fit a needle bar rock frame

6.15Check and adjust the Reverse stitch action

6.16Removing and replacing auto-threaders

6.17Alternative Auto-Needle threader height adjustment

6.18Check and adjusting the Needle and hook gap

6.19Replacing the Shuttle buffer spring

6.20Replacing the Sewing machine light bulb

6.21Replacing the electrical plug

7Servicing sewing machines


7.2Types of Services



7.5Firstly, check the machine

7.6Guide to Basic servicing

7.7Sewing Check

8Final Tips and guidance

8.1Machines Beyond Economical Repair

8.2Machines Under Warranty

8.3Public Liability Insurance

8.4Storing your Sewing machine

List of Figures

Trouble Shooting Quick Reference Index


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