Sewing Machine Repair Courses


Learn how to become a sewing machine mechanic or train staff to reduce costs and improve production output and quality control


Learn how to fix sewing machines from home,studio,workshop or factory. Download our e-courses anywhere in the world.


Learn the ins and outs of your sewing machines or start your own repair business.

How to Repair Sewing Machines

Take a look inside  the world of sewing machine repairs and servicing or improve your existing skills. Artizan Training provides a wide range of sewing machine training courses for fault finding, maintenance, servicing and repair of many domestic and industrial machines.

If you want to become a sewing machine mechanic or just wish to gain a better understanding of the inner workings and potential of your sewing machine or want to improve health and safety in the factory, we will have a repair course that suits your requirements. 


Our Courses

Industrial Sewing Machine Repair Courses

Learn how to diagnose, repair and maintain a variety of industrial sewing machines. These courses are perfect for companies and mechanics in the leather,canvas,webbing upholstery industry as well as the diverse textile industry.

Domestic Sewing Machine Repair Courses

Reduce your sewing machine repair charges. Learn how to fix a sewing machine like a pro or even start your own repair and servicing company.

E-Learning Courses

Many of our courses are available in a digital format. Take them at your own pace and from the comfort of your own surroundings be it home,studio,workshop or factory. Online support available.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

We have courses designed suitable for sewing machine servicing and training for the education sector to train staff or students in house or online.


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Why Artizan Training?

We’re so passionate about what we do – from the people we meet, the sewing machines we teach you to fix and the development of the industry as a whole. Let’s share the passion.

What Do You Get?

A host of information, resources and instruction on all major brands of sewing machines. You’ll get world class training at unbeatable prices.

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