Sewing Machine Repair Training Courses


Train your staff. Increase employee satisfaction, morale and reduce costs long term.


Learn from the safety of your own home, workshop or place of work with our interactive courses.


Learn the ins and outs of your sewing machines. Repair & maintain or even start your own business.

It's Time to Start Your Journey

Take the plunge into the world of sewing or improve your existing skills. Artizan Training provides a range of sewing machine training courses for the maintenance, servicing and repair of domestic and industrial machines.

If you want to become a sewing machine mechanic or just wish to gain a better understanding of the inner workings and potential of your sewing machine, we will have a repair course that suits your requirements. 


Our Courses

Industrial sewing machine repair course
Industrial Sewing Machine Courses

Learn how to diagnose, repair and maintain a variety of industrial sewing machines. These courses are perfect for companies and mechanics in the textiles industry.

domestic sewing machines | Artizan Training
Domestic Sewing Machine Courses

These courses have been designed so you can get the most out of your sewing machine at home. Learn how to fix a sewing machine like a pro or even start your own repair and servicing company.

Digital training courses | Artizan Training
Digital Courses

Some of our courses are available in a digital format. Take them at your own pace and from the safety of your own surroundings. Support available.

Artizan training courses
Schools, Colleges & Universities

A sewing machine servicing and training package is specifically designed for the education sector to train staff or students in house.

Why Artizan Training?

We’re so passionate about what we do – from the people we meet, the sewing machines we learn to fix and the development of the industry as a whole. Let’s share the passion.

What Do You Get?

A host of information, resources and instruction on all major brands of sewing machines. You’ll get world class training at unbeatable prices.