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You may wish to just fix your own sewing machines, or perhaps you would like to train to become a sewing machine mechanic. At Artizan Training we aim to help you achieve these goals with a wide range of courses.

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We are the leading providers of technical and mechanical training for those in the sewing industry.  We’re based in the UK but deliver excellent training services worldwide. 

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Learn how to fix every day sewing machine problems. All major brands.​

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We'll teach you how to keep workshops and factories running smoothly on industrial and domestic machines. ​

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Our training has been successfully completed by clients all over the world from Australia to America, from France to Mexico

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Our training instructors have a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in the industry.

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Join our thriving online training portal and learn to fix sewing machines at home. ​

Iain Bater
Iain Bater
10. December, 2021.
I completed the full lock stitch and overlocker courses with Alan and can only compliment him on the content and quality of the training. I have since started my own successful business servicing and repairing all types of machine including industrial and embroidery. Alan has also made himself available to assist and offer advice on the rare occasion I have struggled to complete a repair. Fully recommend 👍🏼
Susan Lawton
Susan Lawton
10. December, 2021.
Delighted with the course. It was very professionally run, the information given was clear, concise and relevant. It has enabled me to maintain my own machines and, more importantly, recognise when I need to seek further professional assistance. I now feel confident enough to carry out a simple service and do some adjustments.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
23. October, 2021.
I recently completed the Domestic Lockstitch repair course mechanical levels 1 to 4 with Alan Williams at Artizan training. I found Alan to be a very knowledgeable and patient teacher drawing on 45 years experience servicing and repairing domestic and commercial sewing machines. I enjoyed learning about the theory of sewing machines then getting plenty of practice working on several machines. Having completed the course I feel I now have a good grounding and having returned home have successfully started servicing and repairing sewing machines. Once I have built up my experience I intend to return to East Sussex to complete the industrial machine and overlocker courses in the near future.
Marie Smith
Marie Smith
23. October, 2021.
I did the professional mechanics course with Artizan training 2 weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed the week and I wish I could do it all again. Alan is very professional and a great teacher being patient and attentive. With over 40 years experience his knowledge knows no bounds. The files and books he has supplied will be a fantastic resource going forward. I will be looking forward to doing the industrial machine and overlocker courses next year. Thanks Alan!
Alan Harwood
Alan Harwood
22. October, 2021.
The 6 day industrial machine course was excellent. Lots of practical work and insightful knowledge from an experienced professional. Great reference material to take home too. A very relaxed atmosphere in great surroundings. Highly recommended.
Susan Lewallen
Susan Lewallen
17. September, 2021.
This course far exceeded my expectations. Alan's passion for sewing machines is infectious. He sensed what I needed from the course and made certain to focus on those issues. He was unerringly polite and accommodating but also fun and we had a lot of laughs. He's obviously a man who has always backed up his service with integrity. Can't imagine any better course!
Karen Newport
Karen Newport
14. August, 2021.
Alan taught me both the industrial and domestic repair courses. He explained the principles so I understood what I was doing and then made me strip, and rebuild, repair and troubleshoot various machines in a way that felt natural and was very useful. He was friendly and encouraging in approach with a soft voice and kind nature. I fully recommend him and what has been one of the best courses I have ever attended.
Joani Austin
Joani Austin
11. August, 2021.
During the past couple of months I successfully completed Mec Levels 1 2 3 & 4 FL & TL E-Learning Sewing Machine Repair Courses Through Artizan. My e-mail support instructor was obviously very experienced & knowledgable. He was prompt and concise, tough and patient, and brought me to the other side of several hurdles I faced. I thoroughly enjoyed the well designed course, even the tests, and look forward to one more I'll complete in the months to come. In late July I launched my own sewing machine repair business in Ontario, Canada I'm so pleased and content and in my element! Thanks to Artizan Training Joan Austin
Andrew Boutcher
Andrew Boutcher
14. June, 2021.
A good value online course, with the back up of knowledgeable tutors just an email away.

Our Most Popular Courses.

Our courses have been designed to be as easy as 123. Non technical terminology is used at each level of the course to ensure you have a clear understanding of each task required to be undertaken but with plain English text. 

With our own KIS system in place you will resolve and understand many troubleshooting issues that occur with most sewing machines, domestic or industrial.

Our clients come from all walks of life such as individual hobbyists, to large corporate manufacturing companies, including universities, museums theatres, military services.

Industrial Courses

Domestic Courses

The 5 day industrial machine course was excellent. Lots of practical work and insightful knowledge from an experienced professional. Great reference material to take home too. Highly recommended.

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What will I learn on a sewing machine repair course?

You require no prior knowledge of sewing machines. The course provides a hands on approach and you’ll learn how to diagnose, repair and maintain many types of sewing machines. Support is available should you need it.

How is the e-learning course delivered?

The online courses can be completed in your own time via the online portal with login information you choose when you enrol. All of the courses that you choose will be visible on your personal dashboard.

Can I ask an instructor a question during the online course?

We’re confident you won’t require assistance with our courses. However, you may contact us 24/7 and we’ll aim to respond within one working day.

Do I have to take a test to complete the online course?

Yes, in order to get certified there is an exam at the end of each level of any course you choose. For example, if your course is a Level 2, there are two exams.

Can I retake my exam if I fail?

Yes, you can retake your exams up to two times. You will never be tested on a subject you have not covered on the course.

Where are the attendance courses held?

All of our domestic attendance courses (unless residential) will be held at our training centre: Suite 2, Capital Springs Building, Commerce Way, Edenbridge, TN8 6ED. All industrial courses will take place at our Hartfield school at Bassetts Manor.

What brands of sewing machines do you train people to fix?

All major brands

Will I be able to start my own repair business?

It depends which course you decided to take but yes, you absolutely could and many of our students have gone on to do just that. The industry is crying out for more technicians and mechanics. 

Which sewing machine repair course is right for me?

You may wish to just fix your own sewing machines, or perhaps you would like to train to become a sewing machine mechanic. At Artizan Training we aim to help you achieve these goals with a wide range of courses. Click the link for more help choosing the right course.

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If you have any questions about our sewing machine repair school and any of the courses we provide, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you.

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