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Artizan Training is a leading Sewing Machine Repair School, providing the best repair courses for the next generation of sewing machine mechanics.

With many years experience as sewing machine engineers, Artizan Training is well known in the sewing machine maintenance industry. We have trained numerous sewing machine mechanics from across the industry from fine textiles to heavy duty leather.

We can tailor specific mechanic courses for your training needs.

Our training and support covers all major sewing machine brands including Brother, Seiko, Singer, Juki, Pfaff & Rimoldi

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New Course Announcement

A brand new all inclusive training course that will start you on your journey to becoming a domestic sewing machine mechanic.

Popular Courses

Based on ongoing customer feedback we have highlighted some of our most popular sewing machine repair classes below. Check out the other courses if none of these suit your requirements.

Intense Sewing Machine Mechanics Course

An intense 5 day all inclusive course covering a range of domestic sewing machines. For budding sewing machine engineers & mechanics.

Basic Repair & Maintenance Masterclass

Perfect for those who simple want to keep their own domestic sewing machines running smoothly. Learn how to service, maintain and repair them.

Industrial Overlocker Repair Course

Learn how to fix industrial overlocker sewing machines on our informative 3 day course held at our training centre in Hartfield.

Hot off the Press

Our extremely popular wire bound sewing machine repair book is now available to purchase at an even lower price!

Latest News & Announcements

Keep an eye out on our sewing machine repair blog where we’ll share exciting news as well as course deals and tips.


The best sewing machine repair training in the country.

Indra R.

Sewing Machine Mechanic

I completed the domestic lockstitch online course during the 2020 lockdown. Following Alan's expert tutorage, I felt able to go on and open my sewing machine business in SW France and I am super busy. I highly recommend these courses.

Jenny A.

Repair Business Owner

I have attended a 2 day course which we really enjoyed and intend to come back for more training in the near future.

Hannah W.

Artisan & Crafter

I did a sewing machine maintenance course with Alan. We stripped and retimed my Seiko STW-8B. I have used the skills taught to keep my machines all going and saved a fortune on servicing. Would highly recommend.

Noel P.

Sewing Machine User

I attended the basic lockstitch course with Alan to learn how to repair and service domestic sewing machines. Alan was a fantastic tutor with lots of knowledge and a very relaxed way of teaching. Since then I completed the advanced course and also the domestic overlocker and industrial sewing machine courses. All were excellent and enabled me to start my very own business in servicing and repairing machines. To say I am busy is an understatement and all due to Artizan trainings excellent courses and support.

Tim B.

Sewing Machine Repairman

Great international service. Very reasonably priced and great customer support and service

Neil P

Sewing Machine Technician

I have attended both the Level 1 online course and the comprehensive face-to-face Level 2-4 instructor led classroom course. Having never used a sewing machine I found the courses were excellent and I have learnt so much in a very short time. In the 12 months since completing the course I have now serviced over 100 machines and there was only one which I needed further help with.

Ian M.

Sewing Machine Mechanic

I’ve been on two training courses with Artizan training. Really enjoyed both courses and learnt a huge amount.
The on-line support is value for money and has helped me extend my knowledge even further.
I would highly recommend these courses for anyone wanting to venture into the sewing machine repair business.

Jenny H.

Sewing Machine Mechanic

Expert training by someone with over 50 years in the trade and a passion for his work and sharing his knowledge.

Sandra S.

Sewing Machine Technician

I completed the domestic front and top loading bobbin distance learning courses and was very impressed with the course content, structure, and support. Any questions I had were promptly answered, and the instructor would check with me on my progress every now and then as well - nice touch.

I would definitely recommend these distance learning courses for anyone who would like to properly understand how sewing machines work. I had no idea before I took these courses and now the shroud of mystery has been lifted - thank you Artizan Training!

John H.


Very helpful, friendly staff. Clear and concise course. Many Thanks

Ellie M.


My husband and I did this course in November. We found Alan very knowledgeable about sewing machines and how to repair and service them. The time we spent with Alan was well worth the money and the traveling involved. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in doing sewing machine repairs.

Jane B.

Sewing Machine Users

A good value online course, with the back up of knowledgeable tutors just an email away.

Andrew B.

Sewing Machine Mechanic

I work for a small to medium upholstery company in the South West. We bought a 4 day machine package for 4 people to enhance our knowledge within our Company. During the initial email consultation regarding the bespoke training, we received thorough, professional and quick responses at all times. The training itself was excellent, our instructor was well prepared and his knowledge and experience was very apparent. I couldn’t recommend Artizan Training enough and we look forward to working with Alan and the team with the aftercare service we purchased. Thanks again Artizan

Jennifer W.


A great way to learn how to maintain and repair sewing machines. The course was easy to follow and help was on hand if there were any problems or questions

Nick H.


I've recently completed online Level 1 & 2 service and repair for Industrial Lockstitch, Walking Foot and Over locker machines. Brian was really helpful. I would highly recommend Artizan Training to anyone.

Rebecca S..

Sewing Machine Technician

I attended courses at Artizan Training which I thoroughly enjoyed due to Alan's experience and wealth of knowledge that he manages to transfer to his students in a professional and friendly manner. This has enabled me to confidently help my customers and service their machines which has added another dimension to my own business

Rhiannon W..

Sewing Machine Repairer

I took the sewing machine mechanics course to improve my understanding and confidence with using and upkeep of my sewing machine. Through taking the course I discovered a deep interest in sewing machine mechanics that i retain to this day. I look forward to progressing my skills and knowledge in this field.
With thanks.

Robin D.

Sewing Machine Mechanic

The course was presented well by Alan who went over things in a logical manner. I felt confident that I could ask questions and where I didn't understand something Alan was very approachable and went over them again. Would highly recommend.

Carol A.

Sewing Machine Mechanic

Their professionalism is second to none and the course content was easy to follow. All the modules were emailed to me along with an exam at the end of each module that also included a practical element to ensure I fully understood each module I finished. I completed the course and now have a fully functioning sewing machine repair and service business that is growing week on week. I can highly recommend Alan and the team to anyone wanting to launch a new venture in sewing machine rpairs. Already looking to see what additional training I can participate in 2021

Marsh Sewing Machine Service

Marsh Sewing Machine Service

I had an absolutely fantastic time. Alan made the whole course interesting. He is a gifted teacher and a joy to listen to. His passion for the machines really rubbed off! I’ll definitely be coming back for more courses. I can’t recommend Artizan Training enough.

Joe L

Sewing Machine User

This online correspondence course was a great learning opportunity. The curriculum was very straight forward and easy to work through. The staff was very friendly, responsive and always such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this school for sewing machine repair, they offer many different repair classes, more of which I will be taking. Such a wonderful learning experience.

Erin G

Sewing Machine Technician

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