Sewing Machine Manuals

We have a huge selection of sewing machine repair and troubleshooting guides that you can download and keep forever. Please bare with us while we import the remaining manuals. Contact us if your enquiry is urgent.

Choosing Your Sewing Machine Repair Manual

Step 1. Select your sewing machine brand below.

Step 2. Choose from the list of models.

Step 3. Download it and keep the sewing machine repair manual forever.

Sewing Machine Repair Books

For the most in depth knowledge of how to repair, service and maintain your sewing machines – look no further than our very own sewing machine repair books. 

These books aim to support both the home sewer with a mechanical interest and the budding sewing machine mechanics amongst us. 

It’s a one stop shop, an excellent resource and absolutely belongs in your repair arsenal – Written by two engineers with over 80 years of combined mechanical experience you are guaranteed to learn a lot and improve your skill set. 

Find a repair course.

Find the right course for your requirements by contacting us or using our course finder tool below!

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