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Download and complete these easy to use  training courses and learn how to correctly repair and maintain your sewing machine from home, work, school or college. Email Help & support available throughout. 

Our Courses

It’s safe to say our e-learning training courses have been extremely popular worldwide. Being able to learn in your own time with our support makes this process extremely flexible. The fact that so many of our customers have gone onto start their own successful repair businesses is testament to the level of training we provide online, as well as in the classroom.

Want to start your own sewing machine repair business?

Case Study.

During the past couple of months I successfully completed Mec Levels 1 2 3 & 4 for the Front and Top Load E-Learning Sewing Machine Repair Courses.

My e-mail support instructor was obviously very experienced & knowledgable. He was prompt and concise, tough and patient, and brought me to the other side of several hurdles I faced.

I thoroughly enjoyed the well designed course, even the tests, and look forward to one more I’ll complete in the months to come.

In late July I launched my own sewing machine repair business in Ontario, Canada

I’m so pleased and content and in my element!
Thanks to Artizan Training

Joan Austin

Sewing machine repair courses - start your own business

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