What Course Best Suits your Requirements?

The following is just a brief guide to help you select a course best suited to your needs. If you feel you require more guidance or wish to discuss this in detail with one of our team we are always happy to help.

Sewing Machine Repair Courses for Newbies.

New to Sewing Machines?

We can help! You don’t need any previous experience or knowledge of the workings of a sewing machine to take these  courses.

  • If you are starting, at the very beginning we suggest that you look firstly at maybe an online course.
  • Or join us at our domestic training school in Edenbridge, Kent for one of our short TEC courses.
  • Or Hartfield East Sussex for Industrial courses

Online Courses

Live Courses

Suggested Courses

Technician Sewing Machine Repair Courses

For Home Sewers & Hobbyists

Do you have a number of sewing machines that you use for creating a range of different projects? Are you finding some days that the sewing machines are acting up and you need a quick fix? 

To help with this we suggest you attend a two-day TEC 1 course. This will give you basic and simple repair knowledge. 

Another option would be to complete the SRM (service-repair-maintain)
e-learning course. 

All Major Brands

Qualified Instructors

Suggested Courses

Mechanical Sewing Machine Repair Courses

For Artisans & Mini Manufacturers

Are you a creative artisan using several sewing machines to make a small collection of stitched items to sell?

You may already have a small production line of machined products in your repertoire? 

To help you keep your sewing machines in working order we have designed the following courses that we feel will help you with this.

Qualified Instructors

Get Certified

Suggested Courses

Technician Sewing Machine Repair Courses

School, College & University Technician

Are you a teacher or technician at a school and who has the difficult task of keeping all the sewing machines in your charge in working order?  

If you need more guidance and training in this area to resolve everyday issues with troublesome sewing machines we recommend the following courses. You should only do the overlocker course once the lockstitch course is completed.

Group Bookings

Qualified Instructors

Suggested Courses

Become a Sewing Machine Engineer

Corporate Manufacturing

Do you work in factory manufacturing? Perhaps you are employed in the sewing room of a factory, museum or even involved in theatre costumes? 

To ensure a more in depth understanding of the workings of a sewing machine we recommend the following courses could suit your requirements.

Qualified Instructors

Get Certified

Suggested Courses

Learn How to be a Sewing Machine Mechanic

Become your own boss or start a new career.

There is currently a big gap in the job market and a definite need for more sewing machine mechanics. Most people do not realise the career potential within this diverse industry.

If you have an idea to start your own business training to become a sewing machine mechanic is a possible route to take and with the following course, we can help start you on your journey of doing just that – become a sewing machine mechanic

All Major Brands

Multiple Types

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