Industrial Sewing Machine Repair Courses

Learn how to diagnose, repair and maintain a variety of industrial machines. Perfect for those in the leather, canvas, webbing, upholstery and textiles industry.

Our Courses

Build your knowledge with us in the industrial sector of the sewing machine industry we have many opportunities of varying levels of training courses for you to acquire more knowledge. Unlike the domestic sewing machine most industrial machines only do one application in other words one style or type of stitching. There are many types of industrial machines that have a part to play in all kinds of manufacturing process producing a wide spectrum of products such as: clothes, shoes, car seats, mattresses, carpets, hot air balloons, parachutes, curtains and so many more.

We provide an easy as 123 hands on training at our two training centres based in East Sussex and Kent. All our courses are delivered by qualified and experienced training instructors who’s experience, and knowledge span a lifetime of working within the industry.

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