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Why Artizan Training?

Artizan Training provides a wide range of sewing machine training courses for fault finding, maintenance, servicing and repair of many domestic and industrial machines. We’ll teach you how to repair sewing machines in no time at all!

If you want to become a sewing machine mechanic or just wish to learn how to keep your sewing machine running smoothly then we have a repair course that will suit your needs. We also offer bespoke training courses for specialist machines and technical requirements.

The Story So Far

How it all began

It seems like a lifetime ago...in fact it is well over 50 years since the journey began. Starting as a closing mechanic in CJ Clarks before going it alone, selling, repairing and fixing a broad range of industrial sewing machines worldwide.


The Journey

Having serviced the industry for many years it became apparent that something was missing. Being asked many times for urgent technical help, it was clear something needed to be done within the industry. So firstly we set about writing our own technical manuals and  troubleshooting guides but that was not enough!



Our Mission

However, we soon realised that more help was needed to support the ever growing industry. Some of you may question that statement as a lot of our large manufacturers in textiles have in recent years, gone overseas. Our business aim is to help the industry as a whole all over the world that includes from artisan and small manufacturing, to large corporate companies.

We noted that the industry was in short supply of experienced qualified mechanics so what next


Artizan Training was born

So going one stage further from our guides and manuals.

We set about developing a brand new training programme for the sewing machine industry. Not just for sewing machine engineers but for those wanting to understand this field, such as technicians and sewing machine mechanics.


The business has grown

We now have a comprehensive range of technical and mechanical training courses, that we are constantly developing and improving.

We also set up an online training programme, that became even more invaluable during the difficult times of the COVID pandemic.

Our aim is to always be looking to improve our style and type of delivery with our ever growing programme of courses.

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What we offer you, the trainee.

All our courses are as EASY as 123 and delivered with simple straight forward instructions to help you better understand the workings of a Domesitc or Industrial sewing machine.

The options of courses are varied and it is possible to train with us to understand simple settings and resolve basic troubleshooting issues. You can even train with us to change your career and become a sewing machine mechanic, or perhaps start your own business.

Many of our clients who have completed a comprehensive programme of training with us have gone on to run successful businesses.


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Domestic Sewing Machines Repair Courses

View the diverse range of domestic sewing machine repair and maintenance courses. 

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Industrial Sewing Machines Repair Courses

If you're a sewing machine engineer or want to get into this field then have a look at our comprehensive industrial sewing machine repair, servicing and maintenance courses. 

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Taking the school online

Strapped for time, or prefer working from home? Learn how to fix a variety of different sewing machines with our online courses. 

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The Journey Continues

And so Yes the Journey Continues.
We very much hope to meet you along the way to help you with your journey maybe a possible career change or brand new business venture.
Our new live training online trouble shooting service will be arriving MARCH 2024
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Extraordinary Experiences

Since its inception, the staff at Artizan Training have had a number of experiences that make great stories.

We’ve worked with schools and colleges, hobbyists, large manufacturing companies in the textiles industry such as Dreams or Hand and Lock.  If you want to ask us anything about what we have been involved in, please get in touch with us today!

We are so passionate about watching our students learn and progress through their training. It’s why we enjoy what we do so much and it’s our main motivator.

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