Walking Foot Single and Twin Needle | ENG Levels 1-2 | 3 Days

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Enjoy a 3 Day Course at our Sewing Machine Repair Training School at Hartfield TN7 4LA with qualified sewing machine mechanics. You’ll get entrance levels 1 and 2 knowledge of a verticle axis hook walking foot  single and twin needle machines and be able to repair and maintain them. You’ll also receive a certificate of achievement upon successful completion  of the tests undertaken throughout the course.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Troubleshoot sewing  issues
  • Troubleshoot sewing machine problems
  • Maintain your sewing machine
  • Carry simple mechanical servicing
  • Adjust  the needlebar rock frame
  • Reset feed mechanism
  • And much more

This is a three day course: Starting on Monday and finishing on Wednesday. Please select your start date (in green) below. Please note: Our next available course can be up to a year in advance so please use the arrows to scroll through the months.

Pay a deposit of £200.00 per person
Entrance  levels ENG 1 and 2 suitable for people who wish to become Industrial sewing machine engineers.

What is a walking foot single needle and twin needle industrial sewing machine? In layman’s terms it quite literally means the feet are walking over the material  in sychronisation with the needlebar and feed motion when the machine is stitching.

This maintains a good regular stitch  especially for stretchy and medium to heavyweight  materials.

The Walking foot training will include level 1 and 2 maintenance procedures.

Hook timing and needle bar settings, needle bar rock frame walking foot timing, feed settings, Troubleshooting and much more!…..

This training will be provided by qualified sewing machine engineers/Instructors

To gain certificate level 1 and 2, tests will be carried out throughout the 3 day course. On satisfactory completion of these tests you will be given a certificate of achievement.


4 reviews for Walking Foot Single and Twin Needle | ENG Levels 1-2 | 3 Days

  1. Peter

    We had 2 delegates on this course and will be sending more to learn the skills required to maintain our walking feet industrial machines .
    Our delegates had no prior sewing machine repair experience before attending this 5 day course. The training instructors are highly experienced in their field and, Artizan’s post training support is excellent. I highly recommend this training company. Peter

  2. joao de melo

    I went to this course with very, very little experience in industrial machines mechanics. defently a big experience over the 5 days . The training instructor was great and i learn so much from him. i truly recomend Artizans for training ,and support. Joao

  3. Rebecca Brewster

    It was a pleasure to spend the time in your workshop with Alan getting to know the inner workings of my Singer 45K89. I have had the machine for many years but never truly understood the interconnectivity of all the various parts. Despite servicing in the past some problems have been persistent and I was reluctant to adjust anything but the obvious settings for fear of making things worse or causing damage. Thanks to Alan’s patient, gentle and thorough instruction I now know how to go about addressing these issues myself as well as carrying out regular checks and maintenance to prevent problems occurring.

    Alan was also a great help in providing and suggesting sources for parts and materials. A very valuable tuition; I hope to join Alan again for further instruction on my Adler69.

    Thank you Alan and Karen for your very valuable service.

    Rebecca B

  4. Noel Purcell

    I did a sewing machine maintenance course with Alan. We stripped and retimed the whole machine, and then did the same on one machine I had taken with me (Seiko STW-8B) this machine now works great. I have used the skills taught to keep my machines all going and saved a fortune on servicing. Would highly recommend.

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