U FIX IT – Downloadable Domestic Lockstitch Repair Book


  • DIY Downloadable  Repair book for domestic lockstitch sewing machines
  • Understand the fundamental basics of a domestic  lockstitch
  • Learn how to troubleshoot
  • Complete machine servicing with ease
  • Make minor and major adjustments
  • Suitable for many makes , top load bobbin and front load bobbin case versions
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About this sewing machine repair book

This downloadable sewing machine repair book provides one of the most comprehensive guides to using, inspecting, fault diagnosis, servicing and adjusting domestic lock stitch sewing machines for top load bobbins and front load bobbin case versions.

Written by two hands-on engineers with over 80 years of industrial mechanical experience between them, it has been specifically structured to help you easily navigate through it and understand the fundamental basics of sewing machine features, their operation, trouble shooting, servicing and in-depth adjustments.

This book is aimed at supporting both the home sewer with a mechanical interest, and the budding sewing machine mechanics in understanding and addressing those frustrating day-to-day sewing problems that can arise.

Absolute beginners to sewing are recommended to read through the first few chapters to learn the basic fundamentals whereas the more experience sewer or expert technicians can use this book as a ready reference guide of useful material by going directly to the relevant section of interest.

Each section starts with a basic introduction and then progresses into more advanced information on each subject. For obvious reasons this book cannot cover the technical details of every single make and model of domestic sewing machines which are on the market. Where possible the book covers the generic principles of a sewing machine’s operation. It is therefore possible that the information, pictures and diagrams depicted herein may be slightly different to the specific features of your machine. Hence it is recommended, whilst working through this book, that you have your own machine(s) to hand to help identify the key parts described and have your user manual available for further reference.


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