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Learn how to service, maintain and repair your top load lockstitch sewing machine.

  • Online course
  • Complete at home or business in your own time
  • Course completion within 6 months from purchase date unless otherwise agreed
  • Email Support from instructors available
  • Suitable for most major mechanical brands  BUT NOT ELECTRONICS
  • Complete exams and get certified

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Learn how to fix a top load bobbin case lockstitch sewing machine online

Please note all downloadable services are non refundable. Please read our Terms and conditions
Repairing and servicing a lockstitch sewing machine doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There’s no need to take it to a repair shop once you know how – which, could end up saving you hundreds in repair bills. Thankfully Artizan Training have been providing the best sewing machine repair training for over 25 years, both online repair courses as well as live courses at our sewing machine repair school.
So if you’re lockstitch sewing machine is in need of a service or repair and you fancy giving it a go yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

Course Description

The in-depth, interactive course covers many issues known to cause problems with old and new style sewing machines, no matter what make they are. If you have a top load sewing machine from Juki or Singer, Pfaff or Brother – this course will teach you how to repair and service it to a professional level. Our online courses are best suited to those who can’t commit to attending a live course – live internationally or simply prefer working towards their goals in their own time.

The course applies a hands on approach but you do not need any prior knowledge or experience. This e-course is for learning how to correctly service, troubleshoot, maintain and repair a top load lockstitch mechanical sewing machines. It is not suitable for electronics or computerised machines.

Course Contents

Artizan Training believes in modular training – bite size pieces that aren’t overwhelming to the student. As a result, our courses are very straightforward and we anticipate you won’t have to ask for much support. Lockstitch sewing machines have lot of moving parts so you’ll gain a deep understanding of inner workings of the top load machine first and foremost. We’ll run you through health and safety best practises and advise you on the best tools to use. You must complete the course within 6 months of purchase unless otherwise agreed  but most of our students are very capable of repairing domestic lockstitch sewing machines after just 30 hours of study.

Level 1
  1. Health and safety
  2. Introduction to sewing machines
  3. Design features of a needle
  4. How a stitch is formed
  5. Thread types
  6. Needle types and applications
  7. Winding a bobbin
  8. Threading upper thread and needle
  9. Threading a bobbin
  10. Drawing the thread up from the bobbin
  11. Setting needle tension
  12. Setting the bobbin tension
  13. Check the thread check spring setting
  14. Sewing machine electrical safety

Level 2

  1. Miss stitches
  2. Thread fraying
  3. Thread breaking
  4. Looping tension lower and upper
  5. Birds nesting
  6. Check shuttle/hook timing
  7. Check needle bar height setting
  8. Check feed dog height
  9. Check feed dog lateral setting

Level 3

  1. Recalibrate upper tension unit
  2. Check and adjust needle bar height
  3. Check zig zag settings
  4. Check and adjust presser foot settings
  5. Check and adjust needle bar, thread take up to feed settings
  6. Remove and refit needle bar rock frame
  7. Check and adjust reverse stitch length

Level 4

  1. Check machine for stitch quality
  2. Troubleshoot and service top load bobbin version

 What will I learn?

  • Make necessary adjustment to your sewing machine
  • Remove and fit new parts
  • Resolve issues faster through a process of elimination
  • Plus much more
At the end of the course, you should very easily be able to start a side business servicing and repair mechanical domestic sewing machines, with our support regarding sourcing parts, needles and much more. In terms of knowledge gained…well, where do we start? Our courses have been expertly developed by our head sewing machine engineer who has over 50 years of experience in his field, he  is considered the go to man in the industry and the popularity of the online courses, speak for itself. You do not want to miss this.

Online Course Support

Whether you’re a novice or adding another feather to your cap – Artizan Training’s qualified engineers are on hand  via email to offer guidance, help and support. You’ll also receive 1 months free after course care via email with the instructor you worked with throughout the course.


In order to pass and receive a certificate of competence for repairing a top load lockstitch sewing machine you will have to complete 4 exams. Do not worry – we will not test you on anything that hasn’t been presented in the course. We highly recommend that you take your time to digest each level (4) of the course before taking the exam. Exams are marked by independent examiners who will return your results within 7 working days. If you fail your exam you may be asked to look over specific areas again.

2 reviews for Domestic Top Load Repair Course | MEC 1-4 | eCourse

  1. Veronica Sargent

    Having completed a distance learning course, I have been impressed throughout with the quality of course material, support via emails videos and zoom calls and general encouragement.

    Although familiar with machines I started this course with very little knowledge of the interior of sewing machines and now feel much more confident to tackle a maintenance and to learn more about different machine styles.

    The ranges of courses and how they are split into sections make it easy to top up on certain areas al another time.

    My tutor, Alan, was in petticoat very knowledgable, patient and encouraging and communication was excellent and super swift. Many thanks

  2. Jenny Avon

    I completed the domestic lockstitch online course during the 2020 lockdown. Following Alan’s expert tutorage, I felt able to go on and open my sewing machine business in SW France and I am super busy. I highly recommend these courses.

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