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Learn how to service, maintain and repair your top load lockstitch sewing machine.

  • Online course
  • Complete at home in your own time
  • Support from instructors available
  • For all major brands
  • Complete exams and get certified
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This interactive course is for learning how to correctly service, maintain and repair your domestic overlocker sewing machine.

Artizan Training will award you with a Level 1 & 2 certificate if you pass your skills test. You may take the exam anytime you like and we’re always here for help and support.

2 reviews for Domestic Overlocker | MEC 1-2 | eCourse

  1. Michele

    This was just what I wanted to understand why my overlocker seems to have a mind of its own. I am happy t make adjustments that I never thought possible and my machine is working the best it has since new.
    Thanks to this course and their instructors support I feel confident to make adjustments on my lovely overlocker. I will be back for more training soon.Michele

  2. Djamila zakairyya

    Thank you for this course, this has been amazing for me to learn more about my overlocker and how I can maintain and repair from home! This has been ideal for me since starting a sewing business from my living room.
    I look forward to seeing what other courses may be available to help with my sewing journey!

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