Seiko Downloadable Repair Manuals


  • DIY Repair DOWNLOADABLE book for  Seiko industrial straight stitch lockstitch sewing machines
  • Understand the fundamental basics of a lockstitch
  • Learn how they operate & how to troubleshoot
  • Complete machine servicing with ease
  • Make minor and major adjustments
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About this downloadable basic sewing machine repair guide

This is our own downloadable QWIK Fix universal guide to help solve  a number of faults on these industrial lockstitch sewing machines.

There is a selection of models such as a horizontal or vertical axis hook, flat bed and cylinder arms

If you aren’t sure if this guide would be suitable for your machine send us an email through contacts and we will advise you.

A few subjects covered:
Hook timing, needle bar settings, feed timing, tension settings, trouble shooting, servicing

For more in depth knowledge check out our e-learning courses or sign up for one of our attendance courses

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