Lockstitch & Overlocker | MEC 1-2 | Five Days

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Enjoy a 5 Day Course at our Sewing Machine Repair Training School in Edenbridge with certified sewing machine mechanics. You’ll get advanced knowledge of both the industrial lockstitch and overlocker sewing machines and be able to repair and service them to a professional standard. You’ll also receive a certificate of competence upon completion.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Troubleshoot sewing machine issues
  • Maintain your sewing machine
  • Carry out mechanical servicing

This is a five day course: Starting on Monday and finishing on Friday. Please select your start date (in green) below. Please note: Our next available course can be up to a year in advance so please use the arrows to scroll through the months.

Pay a deposit of £250.00 per person


An industrial lockstitch sewing machine does the same as a domestic sewing machine in that it creates a straight stitch. It also has the ability for faster performance but still giving quality stitching. There are different makes and models of industrial lockstitch machines that enables the machinist to sew from light weight fabrics right up to heavy duty fabrics.


An overlocker sewing machines is often used for speed and secure seams on items such as T-Shirts or any fabric that is subject to exceptional fraying. Using the overlocker knife to trim and neaten the edge as the product is being stitched is a fast and efficient way to produce many items professionally.


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