Industrial Overlocker | Lvl 1-2 Mechanics Course


Enjoy a 3 Day Course at our 5 thread  industrial  overlocker repair with certified sewing machine mechanics. You’ll get practical sewing machine repair  knowledge  and be able to repair and service them to a professional standard. You’ll also receive a certificate of competence  subject to your test results upon completion.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Troubleshoot overlocker problems
  • Make a variety of important settings
  • Carry out mechanical servicing

This is a three day course: Starting on Monday and finishing on Wednesday. You can book your start date below by clicking the month advance arrow until you see a green  date box available. Click on the box and it will take you through to the payment system.

Pay a deposit of £200.00 per person

Industrial 5 thread overlocker course suitable for many makes and models that use a B27 type straight needle.

Overlockers to the lay person can be quite daunting but with our training as easy as 1 2 3 system it all seems like a walk in the park with the support  and training skills from our fully qualified instructors running our courses.

If threading an overlocker seems like threading spaghetti through the eye of the needle  you will be surprised at how simple it is to thread most  straight needle  overlockers from 3 to 6 threads although this course covers 3-4 and 5 threads.

Setting the looper timing is something most of our students are afraid to do even if their machines are out of time  but with our training system this is made as simple as 123.

Feed and knife settings as well as trouble shooting and servicing are also included in the 3 day course

This level 1 and 2  course is 3 days from 10am to 3.30pm each day held at our training school in Hartfield East Sussex TN7 4LA

Certificates are awarded to students who pass the practical and written tests throughout the course


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