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Lockstitch | MEC 1-2 | Three Days

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Enjoy a 3 Day Course at our Sewing Machine Repair Training Centre Hartfield United Kingdom with qualified sewing machine mechanics. You’ll get advanced knowledge of the industrial lockstitch sewing machine and be able to repair and maintain standard settings  with confidence.


This is a three day course: Starting on Monday and finishing on Wednesday. You can book your start date below by clicking the month advance arrow until you see a green  date box available. Click on the box and it will take you through to the payment system.

Pay a deposit of £200.00 per person


An industrial lockstitch sewing machine does similar to a domestic sewing machine in that it creates a straight stitch, but it also has the ability for a much faster performance but still giving quality stitching. There are different makes and models of industrial lockstitch machines that enable the machinist to sew from light weight fabrics  to heavy duty material such as canvas, leather, webbing and more .

Most  of the subjects you will study  are hands  on,  such as checking and resetting the hook timing and checking the hook for wear and tear, setting the feed dog timing ,adjusting the needle bar settings, trouble shooting, and fault finding analysis. Servicing procedures. Understanding how a stitch is made and how to identify problems with making the stitch. Needle to thread compatibility, what size and type of  needles to use, and much more.

Three days of shear enjoyment in a beautiful setting, where you can relax in the knowledge you will be taught by an expert in their profession.

You’ll also receive a certificate of competence upon completion of the course and successfully completing 2 written tests and one practical test.


  • Troubleshoot sewing machine issues
  • Maintain your sewing machine
  • Carry out mechanical servicing


1 review for Lockstitch | MEC 1-2 | Three Days

  1. Sandra Sherman

    Expert training by someone with over 50 years in the trade and a passion for his work and sharing his knowledge.

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