Domestic Lockstitch Front Load & Top load bobbin | MEC 1-4 | eCourse

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Learn how to service, maintain and repair your front and top load lockstitch sewing machine from the comfort of your own home, studio, factory, workshop, school or college.

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Please note all downloadable services are non refundable. Please read our Terms and conditions

Domestic front  and top load bobbin  lockstitch MEC 1-4

Learn how to maintain a domestic front and top load bobbin lockstitch sewing machine. from the comfort of your home, factory,workshop studio, school or college. No prior knowledge necessary.

This  e-course is for learning how to correctly service, troubleshoot, maintain and repair a front load lockstitch mechanical sewing machine. It is not suitable for electronics or computer machines.


To do this front load  and top load bobbin e-course you require to have the use of a mechanical front load and top load  bobbin machine which has straight stitch, zig-zag and at least 4 other sewing patterns with easy access to the moving parts for enabling you to make adjustments to the machines. The older machines are often the easiest to be able to remove the covers but if you have any doubts  just tell us what make and model you may be using for your course and we will give you our best advice.

The training course can be downloaded to your desktop, laptop to enable it to be used offline.

There is a 6 month time limit on how long you may take to do the course, but we suggest if you can allocate 1 hour a day to study then each course you undertake should take you no more than 30 hours from start to the end of your exams.

Artizan Training will award you with a Level 1 2 3 & 4 certificate if you pass your skills tests.
There is one exam at the end of each of the 4 levels.

If you fail any one or more of the exams  you will be asked to do cover specific areas of the course to gain maximum marks.

Exams are marked by Independent examiners who usually get your results back to your instructor within 4 working days.

You will be able to work on your machines with email support from  one of our training instructors who will have a wealth of experience.

If you have questions such as I can’t find how to do that setting , you can email your dedicated instructor who will assist you via email or possibly a support video.

Support via email will be on a basis of response within 2 working days Monday to Friday between the hours of 09.00 and 18.00 GMT. On exceptionally busy times it may take a little longer to answer you.

For your  3/4 thread overlocker(serger) it must be in working order prior to working on the machine.

2 reviews for Domestic Lockstitch Front Load & Top load bobbin | MEC 1-4 | eCourse

  1. John Hartlen

    I completed the domestic front and top loading bobbin distance learning courses and was very impressed with the course content, structure, and support. Any questions I had were promptly answered, and the instructor would check with me on my progress every now and then as well – nice touch.

    I would definitely recommend these distance learning courses for anyone who would like to properly understand how sewing machines work. I had no idea before I took these courses and now the shroud of mystery has been lifted – thank you Artizan Training!

  2. Tren Koen

    I did the online domestic sewing machine repair course, top & front, and was very happy with the content of the course. Learnt a great deal! Found the interactive side with Artizan to be very efficient, friendly and easy to deal with! The queries I had when I got stuck, were answered quickly and efficiently. Was totally satisfied with this course, now moving on to the industrial section! Thanks to the team there! Would like to have done the on site training in England but due to Covid restrictions it was not possible, but the online courses were excellent!

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